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Problems right at the start

  • McCom

    hello everyone!

    Ok, perhaps I'm a real DAU, but I downloaded V2.79, started it and mad a new game... And? Nothing hapens. There came a label with "creating new game" But nothing happens. The only Thing I could do was to exit the game.

    At my second try I pointed at options " native look & feels" And the Sim crashed to desktop. I have an error report...

    And now one question, is there any FAQ or something else were I could read something about the game, how to work with it? when it works?

    • Scott Davis
      Scott Davis

      I'm sorry you're having problems with the simulation.

      The program should be running a simulation from the first time you start it, so you don't have to start a new simulation the first time.

      When you click on the "New" button (or File -> New menu item), it should display the "Creating new simulation" panel and actually create the new simulation (which will take 10 secs or so).  The panel should disappear when it's finished creating.

      The new simulation is created based on the XML configuration files in the conf directory.  Some of the settlements are given random locations, a random set of people are constructed to populate them, etc.

      Try playing around with the tools, such as the navigator and the monitor tools, to see what's going on within the simulation.  Most of the tools are currently view-only, but we're working to add more user interactivity to the simulation.

      I've noticed the native look & feel option doesn't seem to work correctly on some systems.  I'll assign a bug to that and see if I can fix it.

      We don't have a FAQ for the project, but we probably should.  There's a user guide on the project website that details the program's user interface and the configuration files.

      I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have as well.

      Scott Davis
      Mars Simulation Project