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Mars Simulation Project v3.05 Released

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis

    I'm happy to announce that Version 3.05 of the Mars Simulation Project has been released.

    Version 3.05 includes to following changes:

    • New emergency supply mission
    • New dig local ice task
    • New Debian installation package
    • Many more bug fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements.

    Please download and enjoy,

    Scott Davis
    Mars Simulation Project

  • Billy Venus
    Billy Venus

    I downloaded Mars Simulation Project 3.05 and I found two bugs in the Tutorial:

    STEP 3
    - TOOLS menu paragraph: "There are function key shortcuts for each of these tool windows listed to the left of each item". You mistook the left for the right. Listen: On the left hand the thumb is on the right hand and on the right hand the thumb is on the left hand. ;-)

    • HELP menu paragraph: "The Help menu sports this Tutorial and the Guide". English is not my mother tongue, but... Didn't you mistook 'sports' for 'supports'?
  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis

    Thanks for the corrections, Billy.

    Lars Christensen made the corrections in our tutorial, which will show up in version 3.06.