Development Progress Report

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis

    Fellow mars-simmers,

    The version 3.00 development is moving along for the Mars Simulation
    Project and we've made some progress towards the release.

    We finally finished all of the building and construction site SVG
    images have been created for the new Settlement Map Tool.  Thanks to
    Lars for helping me with the images.  There are 70 images (3.9Mb) in
    total and are located in the resource/svg folder in the mars-sim-ui
    project.  Some of them I made rather quickly and we may want to go
    back and improve them a bit at some point.  Some of them might also be
    a bit too complex and slow when displaying/updating on the map.  We'll
    look at this further when we work on performance improvements of the
    Settlement Map Tool.

    For the Settlement Map Tool, the following tasks still need to be done:

    * Fix the bug where zooming in and out of the map isn't centering properly.
    * Add functionality to display of building labels on the map.
    * Add functionality to open settlement info dialog to the Open Dialog button.
    * Improve performance of map display.  May need to try Java 2D
    techniques like clipping, double buffering, etc.
    * Look into changing the map background color to something less ugly.

    There are also a couple of simulation code changes we need to do that
    are related to settlement layout:

    * Implement code for determining where new construction sites will be
    located at a settlement.  I've gotten some good ideas back from the
    group for how to do this.
    * Investigate and refactor building salvage/construction code.
    Currently the Martian people are very prone to salvaging every
    building they can, more so than is reasonable.

    The other major feature we have planned for version 3.00 is the
    simulation configuration dialog.  Christian has been working on this,
    notably creating a new configuration project in mavin that uses Castor
    to generate code based on XML configuration files.  I'm not certain
    what the current status of the new configuration code or the dialog
    is.  If necessary, we could probably release 3.00 without the
    simulation configuration dialog and move it back to 3.01 or so.

    David has made some major improvements to the simulation master clock
    thread, timing synchronization and display, and has been working on
    adding smooth dragging to the navigator map & globe.  The globe
    dragging works very nicely, but has one remaining bug where if you
    drag it past the north or south poles, it flips to the opposite pole.
    The map dragging code is still a work in progress.  I'm not sure if
    his strategy for map dragging will work or not given the
    spherically-corrected nature of the map display code, but I'm
    interested to see how it comes along.

    David (and Lars, I think) are having some troubles with building the
    code at the moment.  I'm going to try to do a fresh checkout and setup
    in Eclipse/mavin on a Windows and my Linux box using the wiki
    instructions to see if I can replicate and resolve the problem.  I'll
    update the wiki notes if necessary.  This is the next task I'm going
    to be focusing on.

    Jonathan has been doing a lot of work refactoring and cleaning up the
    code & mavin configuration files.

    I need to go through the project's MantisBT bug/task tracker and make
    sure our tasks are up to date and assigned as necessary.

    I don't have an estimation on the release date for 3.00 just yet.  I
    think we need to get the features finished up and tested.

    Take care,

    Scott Davis
    Mars Simulation Project