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SpeakerIdentApp usage

  • Each time I invoke the SpeakerIdentApp it dumps the usage message to console. Why does it do so?!

    Also, the -ident option doesn't seem to be doing anything. I typed:

        java -classpath .;.\marf.jar;.\SpeakerIdentApp.jar SpeakerIdentApp -ident .\testing-samples\graham13.wav -debug

    and in the console I got the usage message!

    How do I use this app!? The docs could include an example of using it.

  • Pedro Montiel
    Pedro Montiel

    Read the report.pdf file.
    Or you can edit the main() method and comment undesired code .

  • I run as:
    D:\Workspaces\SpeakerIdentApp>java SpeakerIdentApp.jar SpeakerIdentApp -ident .
    \testing-samples\graham13.wav -debug

    and get result:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: SpeakerIdentApp/jar

    how can i fix it?