On this Penthouse Variations DVD, Skye Blue is attempting to dig into some of the freakier desires of people that only come to the surface when in a deep sleep.
The gals did manage to savor the taste a bit but they were on fire and did not take the time to really enjoy the cock as they worked the men over heatedly.
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Another quick scene that ends with Regan showered in DNA. I can't quite see the appeal in this, but I can see that it could be hot.
Next up is Stephanie, a typical young brunette with a flawless body.
She's tied on a staircase, a vibrator working it's magic in her bald pussy .
She's got a skinny, tight little body.
In short, he lets his work stand for itself, typically proving to be some of the best point of view (POV) gonzo you'll find in the industry these days. She slides her pussy over the dick and begins using all of her body to fuck the dick displayed for her.
For the first part of the action, Genia gives as good as she gets. But then the ball gag comes out, and suddenly she seems scared about what's going on. The story is about a brothel run by the two, catering to an exclusive crowd that prefer Asian action, this time offering up a murder mystery as a side plot.
Molly Mason, a black haired woman with super pale skin is doing just that, albeit a horrible job.
Scene Three: Lela Star, the gal on the middle of the right hand side of the cover with blonde highlights, was up next on the couch as she showed off her booty in blue jean shorts. She does a nice move, spinning around on the dick from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl without dismounting. 0 Dolby Digital English. The scene starts with the two handing out a generous helping of oral sex and continues with the two of women taking turns riding the stiff member.
In pornoland, we all know what happens next. Taylor Ash is an attractive woman with fake tits and some visible scaring. Blisteringly hot veggie scene with two super young looking Asian school girls.
The result was a BTS heavy on sex so I'm sure most of you will appreciate the sentiment behind it. Hard pounding anal, with Audrey's screams muffled by the cock ramming down her throat.