Version 1.1 Released

  • Version 1.1 of the SobekCM MARC Library (C#) has just been released. This version supports two major changes.

    1) Z39.50 support has been added to allow you to pull a MARC record from a Z39.50 endpoint directly into the MARC record class structure. To use this funcionality, you need to copy the contents of DLLS\ directly into the bin\debug or bin\release folder. Likewise, if you distribute an application which uses this library for Z39.50 support, the contents of that folder must be included in your executable folder. Currently, Z39.50 support does not work for 64-bit machines. I hope to fix this at a later time though.

    2) More support for character encoding included. The parser now correctly parses MARC8 character encoded records. It identifies the encoding from the record leader and will convert most the common combinatorial characters in MARC8 directly into Unicode. This required quite a bit of changes to accommodate reading the records or streams one BYTE at a time, rather than using any string operations. String operations in C# inherently use Unicode encoding, so this introduces a number of problems.

    For more information on character encoding in the MARC records, see my blog entry:

    If anyone experiences any issues with this new version, please let me know immediately!


    Mark Sullivan