Producing a translation

  • Great work Milan,

    I just wanted to ask, if I produce a translation using Marcion, do I have the right to publish it if I give credit to the program as a tool? I am working on a long-term project to illustrate the canonical and apocryphal gospels, and since there are no public domain translations of the NH texts or the Gospel of Judas, I will probably have to find a way to produce my own version of the texts to accompany the pictures.

    Thanks for all your hard work - Marcion is really wonderful.

  • vagrant

    Hi, iam pleased for you find Marcion useful for that purpose. You can use anything from my software and texts as you wish. To mention the Marcion as a tool should be nice, but not necessary. Sorry for late response, i was without access to a PC. Let your work succeeds, good luck.