Marathon: 1.2.1 released

Marathon runs gui based acceptance tests against swing applications. It is composed of a runner, and recorder, and an editor. Tests scripts are expressed as python code

Marathon v 1.2.1 is released. This release fixes a major bug that was causing an NPE intermittently during playback and recording. Besides that the editor is improved with options for selecting tab size, conversion of tabs to spaces. Look in the ChangeLog file in the distribution for other details.

Marathon is a testing framework for GUI applications developed using Java/Swing. Marathon composes of recorder, runner and editor. The test scripts are composed of python code. Marathon focuses on end-user testing. One need not know Java or Swing to record test scripts using Marathon. Marathon is kept intentionally simple. The aim to produce test scripts that are readable by everyone on the project. This includes the developers, testers and the customers. Marathon is flexible and provides facilities to extend the functionality available through python scripts or through writing ones own component resolvers

Posted by Dakshinamurthy Karra 2008-07-30