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Drupal module for MappingWidgets available

A module has been made that integrates the opengis MappingWidgets framework in the CMS environment of Drupal ( The specific module is called 'Carto' and is introduced at and available from

A page demonstrating usage of this module and the mappingwidgets framework can be found at

Posted by John Pulles 2005-06-16

MappingWidgets version 0.2 released

The MappingWidgets project uses Smarty to generate xhtml compliant code. In templates the user can specify which opengis map services are displayed and what map browsing functionality is available.

Sample code is included and a demonstration is available at

The package can be downloaded from

Posted by John Pulles 2005-05-20

Demo page on home page

The home page for the mappingwidgets project has been established using Drupal on A link to the demonstration page at has been added here. Note that this one is (still) best used with Firefox. Which widget definitions were used for this page can be seen by clicking the template link.

Posted by John Pulles 2005-05-15

First release!

The first release is done! Version 0.1 with basic functionality for browsing maps of opengis compliant web services.

Posted by John Pulles 2005-05-01