Mapix 1.0.0alpha1 released !

Mapix is a framework and a CMS that aims to use only XML standards to develop dynamic websites.

Warning : This release is for testing purpose only, demo and admin site DON'T work, download this version only to have a preview of the new framework mechanism.

This release brings a new framework based on XRT (XML Request Transform). In short, XRT is XSL extended (using eXSLT) to transform HTTP requests into HTTP responses. You can find more information on XRT in the project Xsltpages : (I found Xsltpages while I was looking how to use XSL to transform HTTP requests, so that was a great source of inspiration, thank you guys...)

Mapix also offers possibility to invoke native objects and methods transparently (using eXSLT). Many core classes were implemented to cover usual framework functions (cache, config, log, http, rest...)

Mapix 1.0.0 has a simple architecture : 1 system folder (mapix) contains all module folders. Your should NOT modify system (mapix) files. Your website should be set outside of this folder (next to the index.xsl file). More information can be found in the mapix/doc folder.

I plan to release Mapix 1.0.0 alphas on a monthly basis, until the framework is finalized.

Mapix 1.0.0 betas will focus on the CMS (http://localhost/mapix/admin/). CMS is now based on ExtJS, that will allow rich application features and a fully ajaxed interface.

Please send your questions and ideas to project tracker or by e-mail at gpl(at)

See you soon !

Posted by IRCF 2011-02-21