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#11 Different Databases


I have private and work related pictures on my harddrive. I would like to use Mapivi to organize them, but I would like to keep them seperate, for example I don't want to mix the keywords.

It would be great if Mapivi could use different databases which could be loaded by menu or. even better, by command line parameter. So I could start "mapivi" to get my normal, private database and start "mapivi work" and it would load the database saved as "work".

Probably I could achieve that by using different users on my computer, but that's only a bad workaround, because I need other data from my pc while working with my pictures.


  • Mapivi start script - starts with different settings

    • status: open --> pending
  • Please use the attached script "mapivi_start.pl" to rename the config folder of Mapivi according to the given argument "work" or "private".
    Open the script in an editor and change the settings according to your environment (see Usage there).
    Hope it works for you!

    • status: pending --> closed
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  • Another possibility is to use the enviroment variable MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH
    see comment in mapivi.pl starting line 1795:
    # if the environment variable MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH is set to an existing folder
    # Mapivi will use this folder to store all configuration files
    # This feature may e.g. be used to separate private and business pictures or to keep different keyword trees
    # usage in Linux with bash shell:
    # set the env variable: export MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH=/home/username/.mapivi-private
    # to check the variable: echo $MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH
    # usage in Windows with DOS box:
    # set the env variable: set MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH=C:\temp\mapivi-office
    # to check the variable: echo %MAPIVIUSERDATAPATH%