The Community MapBuilder team are proud to announce the release of mapbuilder-lib, version 1.5-alpha2,
which may be found at:

Information on this release:

Migration to Openlayers for rendering:
This release completes the migration to OpenLayers for rendering MapPane.
All tools are now integrated with Openlayers.

Deprecating old files:
There will be some backward compatability issues because we have
deprecated MapPane and MapPane2 (replaced by MapPaneOL) and
GMLRendererWZ replaced by GMLRendererOL. Some less used widgets have
also been deprecated.
Old documentation which has been moved to the wiki has been depreated.
Deprecated files have been moved into the mapbuilder/archieve (in the

The fitness test framework has been replaced by the simpler and more
powerful selerium framework. Some tests have already been written, but
more are required.

We consider the code to be quite stable, but have not run it through
extensive testing yet, and so we are still calling the code "alpha".

Changes in this release:

Bugs fixed:
MAP-394         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/WebServiceForm.js"
MAP-367         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Measurement.js"
MAP-338         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GetFeatureInfo.js"
MAP-387         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TimeSeries.js"
MAP-362         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapPane2.js"
MAP-361         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapPane.js"
MAP-350         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GoogleMapZoomOut.js"
MAP-349         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GoogleMapZoomIn.js"
MAP-348         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GoogleMapDragPan.js"
MAP-347         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRendererWZ.js"
MAP-346         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRendererWKT.js"
MAP-345         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRendererVG.js"
MAP-343         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRendererSVG.js"
MAP-341         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRenderer.js"
MAP-340         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlPointRenderer.js"
MAP-339         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GetMarkerInfo.js"
MAP-337         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GeoRssRenderer.js"
MAP-336         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GeoRssParser.js"
MAP-314         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/AoiBoxWZ.js"
MAP-312         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/AoiBoxDHTML.js"
MAP-311         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/AoiBox2.js"
MAP-295         "MAP-262 /lib/tool/MouseClickHandler.js"
MAP-293         "MAP-262 /lib/tool/GoogleMapTools.js"
MAP-288         "MAP-262 /lib/tool/DragPanHandler.js"
MAP-286         "MAP-262 /lib/tool/AutoResize.js"
MAP-285         "MAP-262 /lib/tool/AoiMouseHandler.js"
MAP-272         "MAP-261 /lib/model/GetMap.js"
MAP-265         /lib/graphics
MAP-260         "MAP-265 /lib/graphics"
MAP-422         lib/util/Utils.js::transformNodeToString() can create invalid XML
MAP-416         "MAP-412 create a list of files to be deprecated"
MAP-414         "MAP-412 ceate a list of files to be archived"
MAP-413         "MAP-412 create /archive structure"
MAP-412         Archiving and deprecating files
MAP-409         "MAP-264 /lib/Widget/GmlRendererBase.js"
MAP-407         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TipWidgetBase.js"
MAP-400         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/WmsCapabilitiesImport.js"
MAP-399         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/WktParser.js"
MAP-378         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/SelectAllMapLayers.js"
MAP-360         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapImage.js"
MAP-359         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Locations.js"
MAP-357         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Loading.js"
MAP-356         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/LegendGraphic.js"
MAP-344         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/GmlRendererTest.js"
MAP-332         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/FeatureListSF.js"
MAP-331         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/FeatureList.js"
MAP-320         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/ClickPass.js"
MAP-258         "MAP-204 AoiForm.js"
MAP-252         "MAP-196 Button.js"
MAP-245         "MAP-220 InsertFeature.js"
MAP-244         "MAP-201 MapScaleBar.js"
MAP-243         "MAP-220 DeleteFeature.js"
MAP-227         "MAP-220 EditPolygon.js"
MAP-226         "MAP-220 EditLine.js"
MAP-225         "MAP-220 EditPoint.js"
MAP-224         "MAP-222 GeoRSSRenderer.js"
MAP-223         "MAP-222 GMLRendererOL.js"
MAP-219         "MAP-204 Widget(s) for management of maptips with onmouseover and onclick for vector layers"
MAP-218         "MAP-201 Graticule.js"
MAP-216         "MAP-196 SetAoi.js"
MAP-205         "MAP-204 WfsGetFeature.js"
MAP-203         "MAP-201 CursorTrack.js"
MAP-202         "MAP-201 OverviewMap.js"
MAP-200         "MAP-196 ZoomOut.js"
MAP-199         "MAP-196 ZoomIn.js"
MAP-195         double define of var coords in function
MAP-193         README should be updated to reflect released version
MAP-173         Austrian projections for Proj.js
MAP-169         ButtonBase.js, RssLayer.js, FeatureFactory.js, WfsQueryLayer.js use fixed "mainMapContainer" instead of mapContainerId config setting
MAP-162         JS error in Enhanced Viewer demo on IE
MAP-91          Interface with Google Maps
MAP-418         Dynamically loaded OpenLayers map theme finishes too late - rendering issue in OverviewMap.js
MAP-411         Remove docbook-xsl
MAP-278         "MAP-261 /lib/model/Proj.js"
MAP-271         "MAP-261 /lib/model/GeoRSS.js"
MAP-183         Use CSCS projection library
MAP-168         WidgetBase.js.txt (old) contains changes against WidgetBase.js
MAP-125         add layer doesn't honor: queryable and style/legend
MAP-112         Projection transformation utility functions do not support EPSG:27700 (OSGB1936 / British National Grid)
MAP-111         GetFeatureInfo makes incorrect WMS request when another layer name is a substring of the query layer name
MAP-39          Feature isn't deselected after it was deleted Submitted: camerons SF-1364103
MAP-38          Null gml:coordinate Point is rendered in top left of MapPane Submitted: Camerons SF-1351128
MAP-36          Drag Pan Tool: Mouseup outside the map should be procesed Submitted: maiqui SF-1259486
MAP-21          <widget> is not defined" javascript errors Submitted: openwereld SF-1386001
MAP-14          Update GeoRSS demo to new feed format Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1394556
MAP-423         Wrong value in EPSG26591.js
MAP-405         "MAP-261 MergeModel.js"
MAP-402         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/ZoomOut.js"
MAP-401         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/ZoomIn.js"
MAP-397         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/WidgetBase.js"
MAP-396         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Widget.js"
MAP-392         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TransactionResponse.js"
MAP-391         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TipWidgetOL.js"
MAP-386         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TabbedContent.js"
MAP-384         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/ShowDistance.js"
MAP-383         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/SetAoi.js"
MAP-380         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/SelectMapLayers.js"
MAP-374         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Reset.js"
MAP-373         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/OverviewMap.js"
MAP-366         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapTitle.js"
MAP-364         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapScaleBar.js"
MAP-363         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapPaneOL.js"
MAP-355         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Legend.js"
MAP-354         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/LayerProperty.js"
MAP-353         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/LayerControl.js"
MAP-352         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/InsertFeature.js"
MAP-351         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Graticule.js"
MAP-335         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Forward.js"
MAP-333         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/FilterAttributes.js"
MAP-330         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/FeatureInfo.js"
MAP-327         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/EditPoint.js"
MAP-326         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/EditLine.js"
MAP-325         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/EditButtonBase.js"
MAP-324         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/DragPan.js"
MAP-323         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/DeleteFeature.js"
MAP-322         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/CursorTrack.js"
MAP-321         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/CollectionList.js"
MAP-318         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/ButtonBase.js"
MAP-317         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Button.js"
MAP-316         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Back.js"
MAP-310         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/Abstract.js"

Outstanding Issues (highest priority first):
MAP-404         Memory Leak
MAP-420         tm2llNoConvergence errors with cscs
MAP-259         Checking all .js files for their purpose and compatability
MAP-257         "MAP-201 MapScaleText.js"
MAP-248         "MAP-201 update config.xsd"
MAP-247         "MAP-201 Deprecate MapContainerBase"
MAP-229         "MAP-228 basic"
MAP-228         OpenLayers-Integration: Examples
MAP-222         OpenLayers-Integration: Renderer widgets
MAP-221         "MAP-220 EditButtonBase.js"
MAP-220         OpenLayers-Integration: Feature editing widgets
MAP-217         OpenLayers-Integration: TimeSeries widgets
MAP-212         "MAP-201 Loading.js"
MAP-210         "MAP-201 LayerControl.js"
MAP-204         OpenLayers-Integration: Information retrieval widgets
MAP-201         OpenLayers-Integration: Map display widgets
MAP-198         "MAP-196 ButtonBase.js"
MAP-197         "MAP-201 MapPaneOL.js"
MAP-196         OpenLayers-Integration: Map navigation widgets
MAP-172         'error loading XSL stylesheet' when using IE & HTTPS
MAP-164         JS error loading shipTracks demo in IE
MAP-141         Use OpenLayers for rendering & integrate OL tools
MAP-139         Provide the Mapbuilder JS from a single URL, accessable by all applications
MAP-6           Problem with two WMS layers with the same name submitted: kc7bfi SF-1400521
MAP-255         use the new NASA EO WMS in the time series demo
MAP-246         "MAP-201 OWSContext"
MAP-192         Opacity management
MAP-163         Issues with query in Enhanced demo
MAP-161         In IE map <div> moves to bottom if window width is too small
MAP-153         Mapbuilder should detect browsers which don't support XSLT
MAP-149         autoresize tool
MAP-132         Add support for https to proxy (java, php, javascript)
MAP-119         loading2 doesn't work with tabbedcontent
MAP-71          Duplicate GetFeatureInfo responses forced if mouse click occurs before previous query finished.
MAP-59          GetFeatureInfo URL generated for a second WMS in same context as first is repeated in the variable string.
MAP-49          set properties by URL parameters Submitted: Mike Adair SF - 1257212
MAP-43          duplicate layers mess up when deleting them Submitted: graphrisc SF-1361616
MAP-35          use scalehints in context docs Submitted: madair1 SF-1174298
MAP-25          Move util.js into JS objects Submitted: camerons SF-1071242
MAP-24          Gazetteer widget auto zoom Submitted: nobody SF-1380974
MAP-17          Line 96 Error firstChild is null or not an object Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1392108
MAP-16          Line 278 Object required Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1392112
MAP-408         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/TipWidgetConfig.js"
MAP-365         "MAP-264 /lib/widget/MapScaleText.js"
MAP-51          set the locator map with an image Submitted Virginie Berre SF - 1220313