Ru*mor N'e.w,s+:
Onc'olog y M.e+d-. I_n-c+. (-OTC: ONCO-) a Cance'r Trea+t+ment Solution'+s Gr*oup is s.a i*d to h a*v_e
expe+rien,ced o,v-e_r a 1000*% incr+ea*se in reven,+ues f o*r t'h_e fisc+al 3.r*d qu+arter endin_g J+u-l-y.,
2+0.0+7 comp a_red w_i_t-h t'h e p.rior y*e+a,r whil.e fis,cal fo urth q_uarter resu,lts f_o r 2_0'0 7 a r*e on
trac,k to exce ed t_h,i s y,earís thi rd re,sults.
O*N*C.O ad.ditiona,lly pl'ans to incr',ease se rvice of_fe.rings w.hich a+r_e cu* u_n-derway.
Doní t w+a i+t f-o.r t+h.e n,e*w,s to c*o.m+e o+u.t a_n*d l'o,s'e t-h.e opport-uni_ty to g+e t in fron_t of the
ge,neral invest*_ing pu+blic. O-nc,ology M_e d is in a multi bil'lion dol*lar ind,u stry w.h_e,r'e
t+h'e,y a_r*e mar*ket sha-re rapidly+.
C.a_l_l y-o_u,r b'roker n o'w f-o+r O N*C+O'.