2009/1/22 Ivan De Masi <it-support@asta.tu-darmstadt.de>

unfortunately I'm not a SQL-geek, but maybe you can copy the
sql-data-dir directly (when nobody is logged in mantis) to your laptop
without a sql dump - just using the copy and paste function.
If this doesn't work, I also would say that another way is to make an
image of the machine and restore it on a complete new hard drive. Forget
the old one.
Third possibility (if you are familiar with sql) is to set up a
sql-slave server to synchronize the database on a second system and then
safely kick the first machine.

thank you very much to Glenn, Fabian and Ivan ;-) I have the data to save now. I copied the data dir of my database of my Mysql installation dir, and I got that data dir in another server with Mysql. This got it after many attempts, because the machine is restarted due to the hard disk constantly.
There were two tables corrupt, I couldn't see the data, but it worked in the original database (server with bad hard disk), there, I could open the tables, and I did a export of data and import in the new server (I had luck, because it was little tables). It worked and I'm happy now ;-)
Thank you very much!