At work we have the fowolling scenario, we have a nagios server for the monitoring and an mantis for issue-tracking.

Now our plan was that the nagios reports an issue to our mantis, because we could see if some of our admins is working on the reported issue.

So the workflow schould look like this:

1. Nagios detect an error
2. Nagios calls the Python script,
3 The Python script checkt if there is an open issue,
3.1 when there is none it will open a new "ticket"
3.2 when there is one it will add a note with the Nagios report
4. An Admin checks the Report and fix it.

1. Nagios detect that an error is gone.
2. Nagios calls the Python script.
3. The Python script checks for an open issue.
4. Nagios add a Note to the open ticket.
5. An Admin checks if the error is really fixed  and close the Issue.

So this is the plan.

My Python script [1] can add a new tickent, but if i want to add a note, it runs into an error[2].

- Benedikt

[1] http://pastebin.com/xZgbJF55
[2] http://pastebin.com/nfqpZHj7

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