Dear all,
we have a running Mantis 0.19.0 installation and need to upgrade to the current version 1.1.0a3. After I performed the update with a copy of our production i have had some errors with SQL-Statements. First of all there was a column missing in the mantis_user_table after I changed the user_api.php it was possible to perform a login.
Now I get an error called:
#1054: Unknown column 'sticky' in 'order clause' für die Abfrage: SELECT DISTINCT mantis_bug_table.*
FROM mantis_bug_table

WHERE in (4232, 7110, 7137, 7500)
ORDER BY sticky DESC, last_updated DESC, date_submitted DESC
It's a missing field in the database, too.
I try to upgrade like this:
  1. Make a fresh install of Version 1.1.0a3
  2. Flush the old data into the new tables
Is this the right way? Has anybody more knowledge about upgrade in this szenario?
Thanks a lot!

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