I'd love for that to happen. But there's a lot which needs to go in
before. MantisBT does not have a service layer which would be usable
by the web interface, SOAP API , and a potential new REST API  . Right
now the SOAP API duplicates some functionality from the core, and I
for one don't see a bright future for another API duplicating that
functionality. As as I for one do not have the time to create that
service layer, I'm content with incremental improvements to the SOAP

I know that Axis is troublesome in OSGi environments , and that's one
argument for a simpler, REST, API. Other than that, do you see any
major drawbacks in the current SOAP API?


Our support for MantisBT is pretty basic at this moment, but I'll let you know when we improve it and maybe require some additional API in Mantis :)
Thanks, Robert!