> 4) Didn't we want to move away from the GPL to a different license
> gradually - did we ever pick said license?

Does it really matter ? What's wrong with GPL ?

IIRC, the original issue that led people to discuss licensing was along the lines of:

a) The original Mantis Code stated that it was licensed under the GPL, but did not state the explicity 'any newer version' of the gpl statement required. More recently, we've updated our licensed header to state GPL2+ - but as someone pointed out before GPL2 vs GPL2+ are two different things [ https://github.com/mantisbt/mantisbt/commit/3744d8760bfdaee7af5f1d336a6f20f7430ea232 ]

b) The original mantis soap code was dual licensed under GPL3 + commercial license.

Now iirc, that means that mantis is actually licensed under GPL3... which means that the GPL2+ header on the source files would be misleading.