David/Rob: your both slightly wrong here from what I recall of what I originally implemented, and what then happened in trunk [dhx: remember your fixes to redhat crapiness]
I personally feel this is probably something we should ensure is fixed for the next major release of mantis as opposed trying to "bugfix" in now.
To put another way, it would be nice to look at getting a 1.3/2.0/name 'alpha' out around December/January time - as the focus to this would seem to be a mixture of work to DB Api, Objects, Exceptions, Templating, New webservice api as 'ideas/work in progress', now is probably not a good time to do patches to adodb/mantis to change how we store timestamps.
On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 1:15 PM, David Hicks <d@hx.id.au> wrote:
On Tue, 2011-11-08 at 15:07 +0200, Robert Munteanu wrote:
> Are you sure that the time in the database is set in UTC? If that's
> true, I'm trying to solve a problem which does not exist.

Perhaps not in every case. I only checked the function in bug_api that
is called to insert a new issue into the database - and I only checked
against the submission timestamp field.

The SOAP API or other parts of MantisBT may feed in something other than
db_now() or time() for timestamps. It might be worth grepping the source
code for SQL statements that refer to timestamp columns and working
backwards to ensure that db_now() or time() is being used to provide the

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