I would agree that connecting to the email server is likely to be the issue.  However, it may be a good idea to discuss this on the issue with @dylanc and @runner80.  The other two users had the issues on the smtp side.


From: P Richards [mailto:paul@mantisforge.org]
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 8:34 AM
To: 'developer discussions'
Subject: [mantisbt-dev] 1.3 Progress - Mysql Database column Type


Hi All,


Can someone give me a second opinion on



It’s currently targeted for 1.3


It’s designated as a database performance issue – from my knowledge of mysql, the issue in this bug doesn’t seem to make much sense.


[I’d expect the issue to lie elsewhere e.g. in the time it takes to connect to a mail server, rather than the column type in mysql]


Therefore, I’d propose resolving this issue as “no change required” – or am I missing something here?