My environment:
- Mac / Windows 7 (will move to Windows 8 soon for the dev machine).
- Mostly Sublime Text 3 - sometimes phpStorm.

Regarding the scripts, we have a repository for all MantisBT tools.  Why do you want to push the tools as a branch of the main repository?

Will we have integration with Travis?  If would be ideal, if Travis would run on the pull request and identify all the violations then the dev can do a follow up checkin.  I would start with that, then move to each environment, if possible.

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 17:56:49 +0100
Subject: [mantisbt-dev] CodeSniffer/standards/whatever

Iíve just pushed a new branch (, which is my next attempt at trying to get our phpdoc comments and code base into a consistent state.


Separately to that Iím going to try and push this evening a branch containing a build script / codesniffer rules that anyone on the team can run, before generating a PR on github, so that it becomes easier to keep some consistency.


To aid that, it would be useful to know what people on the core team are using to develop mantis.


Iím basically thinking OS + Editor.


Iím going to assume that anyone developing on mantis, can lay their hands on a copy of php on their development box if needed.


Iíve personally got access to kit running XP->windows 8, 2003->2012R2, a few linux distributions and a mac, so should be able to test a build script on most OSís that I expect people will use. (only thing I donít think I have is vista ;))



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