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Check out the issue submitted here:

This request has been out for a long time. Patches have been submitted, the issue has been assigned to a Mantis developer, but no action has been taken on the main codebase.

I really don't understand the process here. This feature request was made. An independent developer (myself) submitted a patch that implemented the feature. I participated in discussion online with Mantis developers and took their comments into account. Per the Mantis folks' request, a Wiki page was created with full documentation. The patch was updated as requested by the developers... and it was NEVER implemented in Mantis. What does it take?

- ryan

  I'll let Paul apologize for this, if necessary.

  Taking a user patch is often not as simple as it sounds. A core developer may try to combine it with other patches in the same area, or find even more regressions once the patch is merged. The patch itself may not apply is the underlying base has changed (as most patches older that a few months won't apply since we changed the line spacing and cleaned up code formatting). I, personally, have taken an evening to integrate a 10 line patch for the reasons above.

  We switched to git as a repository to help with this, but every patch requires time and effort from a developer. All of us have other jobs and priorities, so some things slip through the cracks.

  I think that the message is "bear with us". Keep submitting / updating the patches.

   ... Glenn

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