Thanks for the Response.
I am using Mantis 0.19.2.
I am reopening via the Update page and then changing the Resolution to reopen.
Vivek Jain
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 How are you reopening the issue? I assume that you are using the “Reopen” button.

  What version of software are you using?

On 3/21/05 7:47 PM, "Vivek Jain" wrote:


I do not seem to get the reopen status to work correctly. Even though I have the line "$g_bug_reopen_status = ASSIGNED;" in my config_inc.php file, the the bug does not move to assigned state when I reopen the bug.

As per my understanding this is all that's needed to be done to get the desired reopen status.

Any pointers to what I am not doing correct or missing out on?

Thanks & Regards