I always thought that the "visual change" have to be in a future version, like a 2.0 version like John said.
Now forgeting about frameworks, patterns and all of this (this can be a future goal), yesterday i was thinking about all this thing, and i conclude that if we can identify, and we can, all the functionality, then we can separate the logic from the user interfaces, for instance:
    a BUG have:
            Report, Edit, View, Delete, Assign, Change Status, file Add, file delete, monitor add, monitor delete, and more.
So the logic is already done, and we don´t have to touch anything, the only thing IMHO we have to do is to evaluate which of this logic needs a user interfaceand just separate the code in other files, and which doesn´t.
    I use the word "we", because i want to help, Mantis help a lot everyday in my job so, whatever you need if i can do it count me.

El 29/09/2010 23:49, John Reese escribió:
On 9/29/2010 5:11 PM, Daryn Warriner wrote:
I think the best way to move forward would be to release 1.3.x without 
any design changes, make a hard break on the codebase, and drive for a 
2.0 release with the primary purpose be to redefine the look and feel of 
MantisBT.  Whether that involves templates or simply rewriting all the 
existing HTML output to a sane and semantic output, I don't care, as 
long as it makes developers, designers, and end-users happy with the 

Daryn, if you want to head up this effort, a decisive plan to move 
forward is our best bet.  If you can develop a plan of who, what, when, 
and how, I will do everything I can to help you make it reality.  If the 
plugin system, or any other core element, needs to be reworked or break 
back-compatibility, I think it's worth it to get this monkey off our 
back for good.