Ah, but that still doesn't handle my intent. I want to erase duplicate *Mantis* messages, not duplicate messages.

When an issue is created in Mantis, I (as administrator) receive an email. Then I receive one when it is assigned and I receive one for every single note that is added to the issue. I receive one when it's re-assigned to someone else, and so on and so on.

I end up with at least 4 messages from Mantis in my inbox about the same issue. I go and work my way through my inbox and click delete for every one but the last for every issue. That is very tedious and something I can automate.

That's what the script does.


David A. Desrosiers wrote:
You have procmail to expunge duplicate emails? I've only used it for 
processing incoming messages into folders. I've be interested in 
your rules to remove duplicates.

	I misunderstood your intent. 

	No, I use a little Perl I wrote for that:

undef $/;
my @para = split /(\n\n+)/, <>;

while (defined ($_ = shift @para))
    die "No From line!\n" unless /^From /;
    my ($id) = map /^Message-ID:\s(\S.*)/im, split /\n(?! )/;
    warn "No Message-ID! [[$_]]\n" unless defined $id;
    $_ .= shift @para while @para and $para[0] !~ /^From /;
    print unless defined $id and $seen{$id}++;

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