Paul Richards wrote:
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Can you mail me the patch for issues 3 and 4 and I’ll have a look over them, with a view to committing them to CVS if they seem sensible.


Regarding 2:


I somewhat wonder if that’s even needed in the core product. 

This topic is particularly interesting for because I'm trying to intergrate Mantis as an extension of TYPO3.

For such I need a user defined auth mecanism. Authenticating the Mantis user against a TYPO3 Frontend user in a nother database.

That may be the same thing for what Kanyin want to do.

So we could simply go to an user defined auth mode switching the authentication process to some user provided php function.

I'm still studying the code, and can't give you function name yet, but it seems it's somewhat the ldap does.

- Sylvain.