Thank you Glenn.  Seems to work fine.

--- On Wed, 3/18/09, Glenn Henshaw <> wrote:

From: Glenn Henshaw <>
Subject: Re: [mantisbt-help] forcing default "Hide status" to none
To: "Help with Mantis" <>
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 1:15 PM

On 18-Mar-09, at 8:23 AM, KM wrote:

I guess since nobody answered this - there is no way to do it?
If anyone can help just let me know.  Also would anyone be interested in being able to set this in the configuration if it isn't there?

  Try setting "$g_hide_status_default = META_FILTER_NONE;" in your config_inc.php file.

   .. Glenn

Thank you

--- On Fri, 2/20/09, KM <> wrote:

From: KM <>
Subject: [mantisbt-help] forcing default "Hide status" to none
To: "mantis-help" <>
Date: Friday, February 20, 2009, 3:23 PM

Hi - this may be a silly quesiton but i can't seem to get my mantis system to set the Hide Status to "[none]" - so the closed always show.   I set it and apply the filter and it of course works - never gets remembered.  I've tried looking for  a config setting, or a way to set it to none in the defaults file. So far none have actually worked.
Similar behavior with the show sticky issues - If I want them to always show in a project, can i save the configuration setting.
Thanks -

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