Hi ;
thank you for your precious help.
I have tried to apply what you have suggested.And I have the mailer working because I have made the test in admin/check.php and I have the following message:
 "Testing Mail - mail() send successful.
Email Address: m_riadh80@yahoo.fr "
But , I don't receive any email even I have made many actions that shoud normally generate notifications (for example: changing the status of an issue).
In addition, as you have suggested,in the page " Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Notifications page " ,I have choosed all the possiblities that could generate notifications.
But , I received nothing as well.
Can you help , please!
thank you in advance
Best regards

Glenn Henshaw <thraxisp4@mac.com> a écrit :
My French translation may be a bit off. Here are two things to
look at:

1) Is your mailer working? In admin/check.php, there is a box to test
your selected mailer. If this fails, you need to check your mail logs
and sendmail (or equivalent) installation.

2) If your mailer is working, you may not have any notifications set.
See the Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Notifications page (in
1.0.0a2 and later). From your settings, you won't get any
notifications for actions you take on an issue, but others should.

... Glenn

On 9-Jul-05, at 5:05 AM, MNASRI Riadh wrote:

> merci;
> j'ai essayé ce que tu as proposé, mais le problème persiste encore.
> tout semble marche bien et je ne reçois rien.
> Cordialement
> Vincent DEBOUT a écrit :
> Bonjour,
> Si vous n'avez pas SMTP, il faut choisir SMTP et renseigner le
> champ $g_smtp_host (par exemple "smtp.free.fr", "smtp.wanadoo.fr"...).
> Je peux me tromper mais je crois que c'est ça.
> Cordialement
> Vincent DEBOUT
> MNASRI Riadh wrote:
>> salut ,
>> j'utilise mantis et je veux utiliser la notification par e-mail.
>> j'ai choisi dans le fichier de configuration de Mantis
>> config_Default_inc la méthode de notification mail (send mail),car
>> les 2 autres ne marchent pas (3: je n'ai pas smtp implémenté).
>> quand je lance la notification, tout semble bien marcher toutefois
>> je ne reçois aucun email.
>> est ce que vous pouvez m'aider.
>> Merci d'avance
>> voici un extrait de mon fichier de configuration Mantis:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> --------------------------------------------
>> # Whether user's should receive emails for their own actions
>> $g_email_receive_own = OFF;
>> # set to OFF to disable email check
>> $g_validate_email = ON;
>> $g_check_mx_record = OFF; # Not supported under Windows.
>> # if ON, allow the user to omit an email field
>> # note if you allow users to create their own accounts, they
>> # must specify an email at that point, no matter what the value
>> # of this option is. Otherwise they wouldn't get their passwords.
>> $g_allow_blank_email = OFF;
>> # Only allow and send email to addresses in the given domain
>> # For example:
>> # $g_limit_email_domain = 'users.sourceforge.net';
>> $g_limit_email_domain = OFF;
>> # This specifies the access level that is needed to get the
>> mailto: links.
>> $g_show_user_email_threshold = NOBODY;
>> # If use_x_priority is set to ON, what should the value be?
>> # Urgent = 1, Not Urgent = 5, Disable = 0
>> # Note: some MTAs interpret X-Priority = 0 to mean 'Very Urgent'
>> $g_mail_priority = 3;
>> # select the method to mail by:
>> # 0 - mail()
>> # 1 - sendmail
>> # 2 - SMTP
>> $g_phpMailer_method = 1;
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Cordialement
>> Riadh MNASRI
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