Dear All,

I followed Mantis <--> Git integration installation guide (by John Reese:, but it is not working the way I see it is working on

Namely, what is not working is that changesets section is not added to the related tickets. In the changesets search I see related tickets (IDs crossed for resolved tickets), which means plugin picks-up ticket IDs from commit messages properly. But when I go to the ticket itself there is no changesets section present there. The rest of the functionality looks to be working well. May someone tell what am I doing wrong? How to get the changesets block in the related Mantis tickets?

I'm running:
- Mantis 1.2.17 on LAMP, Source Control Integration 0.18, Gitweb Integration 0.17
- Git 1.9.0
- GitWeb 1.7.2

Integration is over GitWeb.

Thank you,
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