I have a custom field that was defined for years.  We recently upgraded from 1.1.7 to 1.2.17.  We thought everything was fine but it seems it is not.  We have a field that we use to designate the tester.  it is just an enumeration with a list of names and blank.  Nothing fancy.   however if we select any name the results are always 0.  if we choose "[any]" it is fine, and blank is fine.

Then I realized that the field used to be a multi-selection list.   After the conversion to the new mantis version I changed that field to an enumeration to allow only one selection.  the database values were originally saved with pipes... e.g.  "|myid|". ... which I think should be just "myid" right?  ... in either case. I could see if there were two values then it should be "myid|yourid" or something maybe.  Not really sure how they are kept.

So for now I have changed 3 of my fields back to multi-selection lists so the filters work.  Is there some sort of easy way for me to fix this?  I guess I could edit the DB directly. 

Also - my other question -- should the field have pipes in it?  what about enumeration fields?  Because the other thing I noticed while doublechecking data after the conversion - some fields had pipes and some did not, even for the same custom defined field.