It's much simpler to do this through the configuration page.

  Select "All Projects" in the top right. Then click through the links Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Email Notifications. You can select your recipients on that page. The same page also lets you configure project specific notifications.

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On 19-Nov-08, at 5:03 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:

I've enabled

       $g_enable_email_notification = ON;
       $g_email_recieve_own = ON;
       $g_default_notify_flags = array('reporter' => ON,
       'handler' => ON,
       'monitor' => ON,
       'bugnotes' => ON,
       'threshold_min' => ANYBODY,
       'threshold_max' => NOBODY);

in config_inc.php (this is Mantis 1.1.2) but I'm still not
getting all (but tantalizingly, some do work) email notifications
to work. Are there any more parameters to tweak?


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