Hi All,


I’ve been experimenting for a while about whether to make use of http://datatables.net/ for the view issues list  and related filtering functionality


The aim here would be to modernise and try and improve the existing filtering:


·         Make use of Ajax requests for filtering response to avoid a full page load.

·         Try to simplify the filtering options that are currently above the view issues page to take up less space on the screen.

·         Allow easy colour theming of the grid for non-technical users - Data Tables provides colour theming functionality through the use of jquery’s themeroller (http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/ ), and I know in 1.3 we move what used to be the jquery plugin into the core, and include jquery UI in the core, as well as its own theme creator (http://datatables.net/manual/styling/theme-creator ). Of course, making use of Jquery’s theme roller would allow someone who has a plugin utilising jquery ui already to theme both the grid and the plugin in one go.


I’ve done a bunch of preliminary work for a while now into this (and actually make use of a hacked up implementation of the datatable functionality on my work Mantis instance), I’d like to sit down and try and get an implementation done that would be suitable to include in the open source version of Mantis.


Before I proceed on this, I’m after some feedback on:

·         Whether people feel that making use of datatables for the View issues functionality specifically would be useful, and improve the current behaviour.

·         Whether, whilst it works in my work environment (Which is controlled in terms of browsers/devices/people using it), would be a bad idea to try and make work as part of the core Mantis

·         Given the suggestion of using datatables, whether there are any key things to consider when doing an initial implementation i.e. ideas of things you would like to see

·         How important it would be to support the use of jquery’s themeroller to allow customising the colours of the datatable in an easy to use manner.


I’ve obviously got some ideas on the above, and some background experience having added it to my work instance of Mantis, of what I think works, but it would be good to get some feedback/thoughts from both users and others on the dev team on this concept before spending time trying to port, generalise and improve the code from work to the latest master.


Whilst I could have submitted a patch with this proposal, I feel that the filtering and viewing issues functionality within Mantis is key to the usability of Mantis – and arguably it’s success or failure, that I’d rather see what views and opinions people have first J - and see if others in the community have any good suggestions or ideas that could be covered as part of looking at improving this part of Mantis.