Hi John,


> Our development team makes great use of both mantis and a wiki (phpwiki in our case).  We use Interwiki

> links so we can use "bug:456" or "mantis:2820" to link back to mantis from the wiki, but we have to create

> pages manually in the wiki for a particular issue.


Links from wiki to Mantis and Mantis to Wiki will both be supported.  There will also be support for Mantis

Parameters e.g. {summary} may be replaced with the bug summary from Mantis, etc.


> I like the idea of the wiki integration.  I'd like to be able to click a button in mantis and have it create a wiki

> page with a template filled out for that issue (settings per mantis project) and have that link available in

> the mantis issue (visible based on mantis user level).


The link may be available anyway, but it only creates a page if the user has access.  This is yet to be

Confirmed.  The current implementation takes the user to the page, but only allows the creation of the

Page that doesn’t exist if the user has the right access level.


The concept of templates is planned.  However, I’m skill investigating how this can be done.  There is

a templater plug-in for Dokuwiki, but it is experimental.


> Authentication is a sticky issue for us, our wiki integrates with active directory and our mantis does

> not (I know that there is an ldap option in mantis, but I haven't had time to figure out how to use it yet). 

> We allow outside users to hit mantis (at the reporter level) but not to access the wiki, so keeping

> authentication separate is fine with me.