First of all, I want to express my appreciation for the quality and sophistication that has been developed into Mantis.  After spending a few weeks struggling with Bugzilla to no avail, Mantis was like a nice cold beer on a hot afternoon. ;-)  This is a very impressive development effort.


The only problem I am having with Mantis is likely related to my ISP’s restrictions on database names.  All MySQL database names must be prefixed with the user’s domain name using underscores and a hyphen, for example:


       mydomain_com_-_[database name]


When I setup Mantis to use “mantisdb” as its database name on my home Linux machine, it works just fine.  When I install it on my ISP’s servers or my home Linux machine with the required database prefix naming, it looks like this:




When I try to access the installation either on my home Linux machine or the ISP, I get this:


Fatal error: 401 in /var/www/html/mantis/core/database_api.php on line 86


I suspect this is caused by the hyphen “-“ in the database name?  Is there a way around this problem?  Unfortunately I am locked into using this naming convention, so any alternative name that does not include it is not possible…D’OH!



Thanks in advance.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.