MantaRay version 1.5 released

MantaRay is a fully distributed peer-to-peer serverless communication and messaging solution. MantaRay 1.5 is now available with a /contrib section that includes code contributed by members of the community and two major new features.

Dynamic queue coordination eliminates the need to configure queue coordinators. MantaRay layers take on this role by default and automatically act as a queue coordinator when one is needed. Please note that the old configuration of static queue coordinators is still available.

Dynamic queue and topic creation eliminates the need to configure topics and queues in the system. MantaRay layers dynamically create queues and topics when they are needed. Please note that this feature can be turned off if you need a strict queue/topic creation policy.

The latest release is available here:

Posted by Amir Shevat 2005-01-11