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Mantaray version 0.9 beta released

We have a first release of mantaray in SourceForge:
I have added the code to the CVS although it does not show in the CVS statistics in the site (this is a known problem due to SourceForge CVS upgrade)
More details about CVS download can be found here:

Mantaray 0.9 highlights:
1. Full JMS1.1 and 1.02 compliancy Point-to-point (queue), pub/sub (topic) implementations
2. Serverless, P2P technology no server is needed to run the message bus, no single point of failure, no single point of congestion
3. Reliability - Persistency & durability
4. Security services and transports access list
5. Dual transmit ability to send a message using two parallel interfaces between two nodes in one action
6. Transactions support - JTA 7. Application servers integration WebLogic and WebSphere 8. Communication tunnels TCP, UDP, HTTP
9. Auto-Discovery new transport layers and services are being discovered automatically if AutoDiscovery plug-in is active (JGroups)

Note that this is still a beta release, any comments and bug reports will be happily accepted.

Amir Shevat
Mantaray Project

Posted by Amir Shevat 2004-07-01