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MantaRay project status - important message!

  • Amir Shevat
    Amir Shevat

    Hello open source developers and users,

    I have lately received several emails and forum posts about Mantaray, asking me if the project is dead and if the company (Coridan LTD) is closed.
    I started by keeping it quite in the forums and answering specific emails, telling them truth…
    Now that more then a year had past, I think it is time to tell the sad story of our open source company –
    We started 4 years ago a small startup company that decided to take a different approach to application messaging… the details of the product are not important and you can read all about them in the good documentation files provided with each release. We were super enthusiastic about our technology.
    About 3 1/2 years ago we decided to “go open source” with our product under the GPL license. Some people in the company where very happy (I was super happy) and other people thought it was a dumb and irresponsible idea.
    After 3 years we had a good product, it was now released under the MPL license and downloads, support calls and thank you letters kept coming... But the money did not.

    I am still under NDA, so the rest of the story is short – Coridan is not longer the sponsor of MantaRay open source project.

    So...? Is MantaRay dead?

    NO! NO! NO!

    This is the real magic of open source!
    The code is yours!

    It is fairly good tested and documented – download it, use it, distribute it, and learn from our ideas and mistakes :)
    If you want to support it, sell it or modify it, do so- MPL is a pretty good license (BSD/apache is better but I could not convince the board to release it under it)

    I am working for a non-open source company now, but I still love to write open source code (at http://www.spacebug.com ) at night after my wife and kids go to sleep :)

    May the source be with you!

    --Amir Shevat
    MantaRay team leader

    • John Matthews
      John Matthews

      So who is keeping a watch on the code?  How do we go about submitting bug fixes?