Flowing lava/water

  • gravgun


    I wonder if flowing lava/water is planned. I got the game's source code, but i don't have any ideo on how to make lava or water flowing like in Minecraft… Any ideas? Thanks by advance! (i'll maybe commit the code if I find a way how to do that)

  • Andy Brown
    Andy Brown

    I know that flowing water is planned, but it's a little tricky due to infinite world and it just ending up filling the whole world. Flowing lava will probably be the same deal.

  • Zhdophanti

    I had some thoughts on this … maybe a possible version could be if water/lava don't multiply stupidly like it does in minecraft. But instead water just flow downwards .. if it finds a lowest point it will stay there .. then you dont have the infinite flooding problem.

    Even i think its a bit difficult to define a logical flowing behaviour as water is a block itself. The only solution i would see to this, would be a thinning out water. if the water body is not restricted in any direction, it will spread continously and the block will get flatter till it disappears.

    Just some suggestions .. maybe you can get something useful out of this exe ;)