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#4 Create a full-featured online testing system.

Steve Narmontas

Manhattan currently supports multiple-choice, short
answer, T/F exams via the Assignments module. The
Self-tests module also supports the posting of
instant-feedback Javascript based quizzes. These exams
need to be created offline using either Hot Potatoes,
or ExamView, or possibly other commercial packages that
can export to BlackBoard 6 XML format. Teachers must
manage their test banks on their own PC.

Manhattan can deliver online exams, but there is no
facility for creating quizzes online.

There are no free open-source online testing systems
worth integrating into Manhattan. Testing components
that are built into open source course management
systems are too tightly bound to those systems to make
them useful to us. There are a number of commercial
systems, which can be licensed for an annual fee.
Decide: do nothing, build, or buy?