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File Inclusion Vulnerability

Today it was reported on Secunia ( that MangoBery has a bug: some supporting files in the project were not properly hardened against malicious users.

I've looked into it and corrected the bug in the SVN tree; I have taken the precaution of removing the "release" on the release page, since it's so horribly outdated that I wouldn't trust it anyway.

Here is a list of the affected files, which have been patched in the SVN repository:
/templates/plain-jayne/header.sample.php... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2007-03-29

Development continues

I'm still working on MangoBery in my spare time. While most of its features pale in comparison to the newer, shinier CMSes out there, it still has a place in my list of hobby projects. I'm hoping to eventually get it "solid" enough to do a 1.0 release, then I'll decide where to go from there. At the moment, I'm tentatively calling it "1.0 Alpha", but I'm not going to release a downloadable archive until I'm comfortable with its cohesiveness.... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2006-07-31

MangoBery is catching on

The MangoBery content management system is rapidly catching on as an easy and affordable way for non-profit organizations to have a dynamic and interactive news posting site. Through a partnership with a non-profit Information Technology organization, hosting of MangoBery portals is being provided to interested non-profit organizations for a low yearly rate.

The latest version of MangoBery is always available via CVS, and a more recent file release is pending. At this point, the versioning of the system is rather arbitrary, so expect it to be some number lower than 1.0... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2004-03-17

MangoBery Shortcake

Millions of people have been clamoring for a status update on MangoBery, so here it is!

From the completion of Project Phobos to the implementation of Project Peanut-Butter Monkey, MangoBery development is in full swing. The news and content approval process is now fully in place and working smoothly. This important new feature allows MangoBery-based websites to grow rapidly with the support of their respective community. ... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2003-06-02

Project Phobos Nearing Completion; MangoBery 0.5 Out Soon

Project Phobos, the current stage of MangoBery, is nearing completion. In the CVS tree, support now exists for user-submitted news which is subject to an administrator approval.

This same functionality for content will be coming soon. Once implemented, a MangoBery 0.5 release will be created.

For those wondering, MangoBery is yet another entry into the content management system field. What sets it apart from the others? It was designed from the ground up to acheive one simple goal: Be simpler, faster, and easier than PHPNuke and PostNuke. Since its initial creation, it has been slowly evolved into a useful method of publishing news and content of nearly any nature onto the Internet. Its new installation and upgrade scripts allow for a rapid rollout of new features.... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2003-05-17

Latest Direction (Project Phobos)

"Project Phobos" is the code-name for a slight retooling of how MangoBery handles news data. By putting the news information into an object-oriented model, the code complexity for various features should be drastically reduced.

The immediate goal of Project Phobos is to allow submission of content and news by all registered (or, optionally, anonymous) users. Why would a site want this? Because it places less work on the admins for content creation, of course! :)... read more

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2003-05-11

MangoBery Commenting

New in MangoBery 0.4.1 is a news commenting system - now site administrators can receive feedback from their news posts.

This commenting system will eventually be adapted to the content sections as well, allowing users to provide feedback on every piece of content in the database.

Coming soon for MangoBery are tools to allow backing up and restoring the database and image files by administrators.

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2003-04-16

MangoBery 0.4!

MangoBery 0.4 has been released. New in this release are many small enhancements to the usability and general flow of the system. Also present is an installation script which will greatly ease the deployment of MangoBery on your systems. MangoBery has been designed to operate with Apache (1.3.x), PHP (4.3.1 and earlier), and MySQL.

The system can be used to provide news and content organization for websites, through its Content Threading techniques. Perhaps your company or organization (or even personal website) can benefit from MangoBery?

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2003-04-16

Latest release

I released 0.2 Beta last night. This version includes the threaded content management system, and some improvements to the way that configuration and layout is handled.

Coming soon are Dynamic Boxes, User Customization, Administrator Configuration, Template Selection, Thread/Content/News Removal options, and News/Content "Suspension".

Posted by Kevin Boyd 2002-11-18