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  • Suzanne Long
    Suzanne Long

    Greetings.  I hope this is the right spot for my question.  I can hardly wait to try out your software having seen what you and others have created with it.  My problem is that it won't install using the .bat file because the folder name requires a dot(.mandelbulber) and it won't run, from what I gather, without that specific folder name?   I am using win 7 home edition and have downloaded/tried both versions win32.096 and .097.  I have been googling for a method that will allow me to create the folder name that it needs with win7, but can't seem to find any fix.  Any help you could provide that would allow me to use your software without using this particular folder name? would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and Best Regards.

  • Hi

    Thank you for this problem report. Till today I didn't know that Windows7 don't allow to create folders started with dot. Generally I'm using Linux, but I have tested this program also on Win XP and Vista 64bit. On these system there is no this restriction. I will try to do something to make this program compatible with Windows 7. But I need some time because I have no computer with Win 7. I will find some PC with this system and make some trials.
    Name of this folder starts with dot, because on Linux all programs has hidden data folders with this dot in name.

  • Suzanne Long
    Suzanne Long

    Thank you for your reply, and for your looking into the problem. 

    This morning I tried something that could be considered desperate, but  it seems to have worked. :)

    1.  I used the run command from the start menu, and typed cmd in the box.  Making sure that I was in the correct location (c:\users\sue> ) ,  I typed mkdir .mandelbulber, and it created the folder. I then typed exit to return to windows.
    2. I then edited the install.bat to read  xcopy .mandelbulber c:\users\sue\.mandelbulber\  /e, saved and ran it.  It created the sub folders and copied the files into each folder without a hitch.  It didn't copy the main program files however, but I copied/pasted them from the downloaded/extracted folder into the .mandelbulber folder.

    I have just now run your program and it is just awesome! Thank  you so much for having created this software.

    I have no idea why windows 7 would recognize the .mandelbulber folder created outside its environment when it wouldn't allow or recognize its creation within its environment, but I am so very very happy that it does.

    I hope that by sharing this fix in my reply of thanks to you, that it may help another who encounters the same problem?

    I will be sure to support your work through paypal. Best Regards and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Sanlo :)

  • tomot10

    Sanlo : that's strange I'm using win7 ultimate 64, when I install via the original bat file,
    the bat file creates a .mandlebulber folder under C:\Users\username 
    and your quite right, I don't know why the main program and the .dll's are not copied over as well.

    However I will use your revised bat file idea. this will allow me to install and evaluate 2 different versions at the same time.