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ManagePC: 2.5 released

ManagePC is a tool for remotely administering & controlling XP/2000 machines in an Active Directory environment. It retrieves data on the hardware and software, lets you control currently running services and processes and much more.

This latest release of ManagePC introduces a new interface, vastly improved performance and stability as well as a host of new features.

Posted by matt williams 2008-06-03

ManagePC 2.3 released

Version 2.3 of ManagePC is now available.

Posted by matt williams 2007-06-04

ManagePC 2.0 released

ManagePC 2.0 is now available from

The sources are available from the project's page here on SourceForge.

Posted by matt williams 2006-09-19

ManagePC v1.41 Released

This is the latest version of the ManagePC Tool. It is a tool that allows System Adminstrators to manage any XP/2000 workstation in their Active Directory environments.

This release is mostly bug-fixes and some more tidying up of the code. However, there is also a change to the structure of the database (the CD/DVD field has changed to Memo). The setup.exe will patch the DB.

Posted by matt williams 2006-04-11