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Maltcms 1.3.2 Released

The Maltcms Development Team is happy to announce the release of Maltcms 1.3.2

Changes for version 1.3.2


  • Added support for import of GcImage Blob Reports in csv format as peak data in maltcms.commands.fragments2d.io.csv.GcImagePeak2DImporter.
  • Fixed an issue in MZMLExporterWorker where validation would fail, if file names started with numbers.
  • Added support in Peak2D for reading and writing of peak lists from and to netcdf. * Refactored and simplified SeededRegionGrowing to primarily use the IChromatogram2D interface.
  • Updated documentation. ... read more
Posted by Nils Hoffmann 2014-10-18

Maltcms now with git

As of today, the maltcms sourcecode is no longer maintained under the old subversion repository location. Instead, maltcms' source code can now be found at https://sourceforge.net/p/maltcms/code/ with instructions to check it out.

Note that the checked out repository has the cross related code under maven/cross/trunk and the maltcms related code under maven/maltcms/trunk. The site/ folder on the top level of the repository contains the templates for the site at http://maltcms.sf.net . Maven pom scm locations have been adapted accordingly.

Posted by Nils Hoffmann 2013-03-13

Released maltcms-1.0.7

Posted by Nils Hoffmann 2011-04-19