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Make Targeter for Eclipse/CDT / News: Recent posts

MakeTargeter v1.2.1 released

Make Targeter in an Eclipse/CDT plugin helping creating and building C/C++ make targets for projects with lots of build options.

New in version 1.2.1:
* Main view now displays both the current project build settings and settings chosen in the Make Targeter view. This way it's easier to see, what will happen when you press "Ctrl+B".

Posted by Mikhail Barg 2012-02-23

MakeTargeter v1.1.0

New MakeTargeter v1.1.0 uploaded.
What's new:
- (hopefully) improved performance
- added "Refresh view" action to update view after changing the file contents.
- MakeTargeter view added to the CDT perspective view shortcuts

Posted by Mikhail Barg 2011-03-17