Konrad Twardowski



  • Makagiga [SDK]
  • [Java] JDK
  • Gettext Utilities
  • A Gettext catalog (.po file) editor:
    • Poedit (cross-platform)
    • Lokalize (KDE 4)
    • or any text editor with UTF-8 support

Application Translation using Makagiga SDK (preferred)

Create a new Project

  1. Run Makagiga SDK
  2. Click New Project... and set the following properties:
    • Plugin Type: Localization
    • Name - you can include both translated and English name. Example: Traduzione italiana / Italian translation
    • Don't forget to select the Language Translation option
    • Internal Name - English name is preferred in this case. Example: italiantranslation
    • Package Name - Example: your.unique.packagename.italiantranslation

Translate the English messages

  1. Run "ant i18nnew" to create "po/NEW_TRANSLATION_RENAME_THIS_FILE.po"
  2. Rename "po/NEW_TRANSLATION_RENAME_THIS_FILE.po" to "po/LANGUAGE_CODE.po", where LANGUAGE_CODE is a two-letter ISO Language Code (example: po/it.po)
  3. Translate the "po/LANGUAGE_CODE.po" file

Run and test the new Project

  1. Type "ant run" to compile plugin and launch Makagiga
    • Now Makagiga should use and display your language translation
    • You may need to set "MAKAGIGA_LANG=LANGUAGE_CODE" environment variable to force language/locale change (example Linux command: MAKAGIGA_LANG=it ant run)

Icon (optional)

  1. Download a free flag icon from or
    • The icon size should be 48x48 or 32x32
    • The icon format must be PNG
    • Include icon copyright notice in the LICENSE.txt file if necessary
  2. Copy your icon to the project folder as "icon.png" (you can replace existing file)


Run "ant dist" to build a new *.mgplugin package file that can be later installed by users. Done.

Application Translation using Makagiga Source (existing translations)

  1. Download and unzip Makagiga source -
  2. Run ant i18n to compile/merge translations
  3. Run "ant compile run" to compile and launch Makagiga to test the translation

Special Text Elements

Argument Elements

{0}, {1}, etc. - each {n} string will be replaced at runtime with an applicable value. For example, "Page {0} of {1}" string may be displayed as "Page 2 of 10".


  • B - display text using bold font
  • BR - new line; like \n
  • CODE - display text using monospace font

Note: Use tags only if the original text contains HTML elements.

Plugin Translation

Internal Plugins

Plugin names and descriptions are located in the files. Example:[fr]=...

External Plugins of external plugin (e.g. Journal) can be found in the Makagiga SVN repository.

More Stuff (optional)


Tip of the day messages are located in the src/org/makagiga/resources/tips (source package). Use en.xml as a template file.

Valid XML entities:

  • & = &
  • &lt; = <
  • &gt; = >
  • &apos; = '
  • &quot; = "

All other entities (e.g. &eacute;) are invalid in plain XML (for example, use UTF-8 "é" instead of "&eacute;").


Word Definition
Action Text+Icon+Keyboard shortcut (e.g. Quit Ctrl+Shift+Q menu item)
Address Web page address, URL location
Article RSS Article/Item
Browser Internet Browser (e.g. Firefox)
Cell A rectangle element at row/column in a table (e.g. High priority in To-Do document)
Console See menu -> Tools -> [Console]
Designer A sidebar panel with additional functions
Desktop, Workspace A tab with Widgets
Document, Editor, Tab A document opened in a tab (e.g. Notepad or To-Do list)
Enclosure RSS enclosure; link to external URL (e.g. MP3 podcast)
Feed RSS Feed
Item List/Tree element, Table row, file, folder, etc.
Note See Note Widget
OpenSearch An OpenSearch plugin
Orientation Paper orientation in Print Preview dialog
Port A port number
Profile Makagiga Profile. See "Command Line"
Proxy A Proxy server. See also: Port
Script e.g. code written in JavaScript
Spelling Used by the spell checker plugin
Star/Starred A small, yellow star icon
System Tray Also known as "notification area"
Tab A GUI element, not Tab-key
Tags A space-separated list of words. See: menu -> Tags
Task To-Do task (summary, date, priority, etc.)
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog See
Todo, To-Do To-Do list, To-Do plugin
Transparent A transparent image with no background color
Type e.g. file type/kind
URL e.g. or local file (file:///foo)
Variable See [Console]
View e.g. menu bar -> View, a view preferences like color or font
Viewer e.g. read only RTF Viewer plugin

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