First release candidate for MailManager 1.0

After an extended period of beta testing, during which exactly one hundred bug reports were closed, we at Logical Progression are delighted to announce the first release candidate of MailManager. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade since this release fixes some serious bugs, some of which could lead to the loss of mail, and various improvements have also been made to improve usability. Beta three and four instances can be used in the new release unmigrated (at the slight risk of missing "date" headers being handled suboptimally).

For details of the changes refer to CHANGES.txt. Some of the highlights are picked out below.


With users all over the world now we have added options to set both the date format and the timezone. The timezone option is useful if your MailManager server is in a different timezone from you and was introduced for the benefit of overseas customers of our hosted service. It is only available on servers running on Linux/Unix with Python 2.3 but may be extended to other platforms using Zope's built-in timezone support if there is demand.

Both of these options are set through the properties screen in the ZMI; future versions of MailManager may introduce easier ways to set the growing number of options.


A global error slot was added to the base template, having been mistakenly left out of the original design. This has already led to helpful feedback being given to the user in more different contexts, notably on the various settings screens and when there are problems sending mail.

The message response form now looks for field values in the request first, as most other forms already did. Users can now choose a template, for example, or be returned to the form after a problem sending the message, without all the other fields being cleared.


Failures to send mail to at least one of the intended recipients in the past either caused an unhandled exception or were silently passed over without the user knowing. All such problems are now caught and reported back to the user in an error message (or logged in the case of messages sent automatically). Thanks to Jeremy Bencken for reporting this.

Private notes may no longer have "to" headers (as was the case up to version 0.96) and indeed an error message is now displayed if the "to" field is left filled in (in 0.96 the "to" field would be silently removed). This is important because the presence or absence of a "to" header is the only feature distinguishing replies from notes. Thanks to Michael Gsandtner for reporting this.

When a user was deleted his or her tickets were not re-assigned. This caused errors when attempting to add a new message to one of these tickets. Tickets are now re-assigned when their owners are deleted but we are still working on a fix for tickets belonging to users removed before this release. Thanks to Robert Briski for reporting this.


Our immediate plan is to produce a Windows installer in time for the final release. After the release we shall start to address some of the many fine feature requests that have been submitted, most notably the large task of making an CMF version of MailManager.

We are extemely grateful for, and greatly guided by, the feedback of our users. We hope this new release will increase your satisfaction in using MailManager.

Posted by James Henderson 2004-04-22