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Second beta release of MailManager 1.0

The team at Logical Progression is pleased to announce the second beta
release of MailManager - call centre software for your e-mails.

This release boasts many bug fixes, some minor new features, and
further improvements to the maintainability of the code base.


By popular demand migration from previous versions has been introduced
earlier than planned. Version 0.96 and 1.0-b1 instances can be
upgraded to 1.0-b2 through the ZMI.

HTML messages can now be viewed. Note that there are security issues
with viewing HTML and this option is taken at the user's own risk. A
futre version will provide safe HTML viewing.

The most recent search results now remain available after choosing a
different ticket view, and bugs with searching by overdue status or
from name have been fixed.

Ticket navigation has been re-written so that it works with virtual
hosting, the "previous" and "next" links work even if you jump
straight to a ticket, and the "list" link takes you back to the batch
containing the current ticket.

Once again we thank all of those that have contributed with bug
reports, feature requests and suggestions on the mailing list.

Posted by James Henderson 2003-12-11