#63 Custom status on a per account basis

Cataloguing (2)

In some scenarios, operators dealing with long-life
tickets that demand lots of time to respond, are usually
keen about their own way to categorize tickets. In the
least extent they need to get to know the contents of a
new one and then postpone the answer (leaving it in
automatic "read" status), while on the other hand they
could need any sort of custom statuts like
i.e. "ready_to_pay".
Feature request: Allow account owners to create
custom status for their tickets, in adition to the hard
wired ones.


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    Thanks for this suggestion. I think there are two different
    issues here.

    One is user-defined statuses. We already have an option for
    user-defined sets of categories. A category set could be
    created called "Custom Status" or some such and including
    such items as "ready_to_pay". I'm not keen on allowing
    user-defined statuses in addition to user-defined categories: it
    could complicate the UI, and the current fixed statuses have
    an interaction with the "Overdue" pseudo-status (see bug
    #840684) that makes them less suitable for arbitrary change.

    (The supporting tickets mechanism may also help in the
    scenario you decribe above. A ticket cannot be closed until all
    its supporting tickets are closed, and these supporting tickets
    can be created manually.)

    The second point is making various settings specific to
    accounts rather than site-wide, and I believe there is a lot in
    this. In addition to defining different category sets for
    different accounts, filters might also be more appropriately set
    per account, and possibly some other settings. The thing to
    avoid is requiring users to enter the categories for each
    account if they want the same categories across all accounts.