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Never get any tickets...

  • James,

    I have a similar issue, I been using MailManager for tthe last 2 weeks. The last weekend I stopped receivig mails, I checked my mail and had a lot of mails but mailmanager didn't check messages in my inbox, I followed all the suggestions and in my event.log file had this lines.

    2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) TimerService Ttimer tick at Wed Aug 10 13:20:01 2005

    2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) ZopeScheduler Process timer tick at 2005/08/10 13:20:01.234 GMT-5

    2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) Process task calling <MailManager instance at 0188E5C0> at 2005/08/10 13:20:00 GMT-5
    2005-08-10T13:20:09 INFO(0) MailManager: Fetching 107 message(s) from mailmanager POP3 server.
    2005-08-10T13:20:57 ERROR(200) ZopeScheduler Process task error
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZopeScheduler\ZopeScheduler.py", line 236, in process_timer
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\MailManager.py", line 424, in process_task
        return self.getMail()
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\MailManager.py", line 429, in getMail
        rets = [self.account(email=accountname)[0].getMail()
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\AccountPluggableBrain.py", line 238, in getMail
        ret = self._getPOP3()
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\AccountPluggableBrain.py", line 267, in _getPOP3
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\AccountPluggableBrain.py", line 85, in process
        self.addMessageToTicket(ticket_id, msg)
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\MailManager.py", line 533, in addMessageToTicket
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Zope\lib\python\Shared\DC\ZRDB\DA.py", line 454, in __call__
        else: result=DB__.query(query, self.max_rows_)
      File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZPsycopgDA\db.py", line 228, in query
        raise err
    OperationalError: could not send data to server: No buffer space available (0x00002747/10055)

    2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) TimerService Ttimer tick at Wed Aug 10 13:30:01 2005

    2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) ZopeScheduler Process timer tick at 2005/08/10 13:30:01.125 GMT-5

    2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) Process task calling <MailManager instance at 0188E5C0> at 2005/08/10 13:30:00 GMT-5

    Could you help me,please.


  • Danno

    I have a similar issue - the error I get is:

    test_mailmanager: error_proto: -ERR invalid user name or password.