#880 Embedded images using Content-ID are lost.

2.1 (stable)
Stuart Donaldson

Sending e-mail with an embedded image that includes the
image as a part of the message identified by Content-ID
does not work.

When sending a message to the list with an embedded
image, the message arrives and is archived where the
image intact. The MIME headers for the message
reference a <img src="cid:xxx"> and there is a header
on the mime component for "Content-ID: <xxx>"

However the message that gets delivered to the list
members does not include the Content-ID. The embedded
image is still included in the message, but is not
displayed because of the missing header.

Version 2.1.4


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    After digging further to try and solve the problem, I found
    that it was a result of an old version of the Anomy
    Sanitizer that IT has running on the mail server. The
    Sanitizer was stripping the Content-ID field.

    Sorry for the false alarm.

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    BTW - marked the bug as closed so it would stick around in
    case someone else has a similar problem, even though it is
    not a bug with Mailman. I have no problems with someone
    deleting this bug if you don't want it in your list.